Hazel Elaine Guppy

A 20-something creative living and working in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

Alongside working as a full time Graphic Designer for an independent publisher, Hazel is studying MA Art Practice (Fine Art) at the University of South Wales. Since gaining her BA Photography from the University of Glamorgan in 2013, her interests have grown to encompass more traditional art forms. While her core artistic interests at the moment are centred around self-portraiture through photography and painting with acrylics, she indulges in a variety of imaginative avocations, ranging from all the way from print making to digital illustration on her iPad.

If you wish to contact Hazel about any creative projects, you are very welcome. She is most easily reached via social media, otherwise email: heguppy@gmail.com.



Fragments: Interim Exhibition, 9-11 May 2019, West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff

Summer Open Exhibition, 14 July - 31 August 2018, West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff

MA Arts Practice: Interim, 1-8 June 2018, Oriel y Bont, University of South Wales

Curious 2013, Creative Graduate Festival, 31 May - 5 June 2013, ATRiuM: Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Glamorgan