Rainbow Face Saga

I did a rather spontaneous photo-shoot back in 2015 involving painting rainbow tears running down all over my face. I've used these images as reference for a lot of experiments since then, and so the saga continues. I took a lot of long exposure motion blurs, some of which came out quite well. This painting was based on one of those.

I think I'm improving, at least. And this was quite fun to do. I don't like to construct meaning in work like this, so I'm not going to describe the (potential) concept.

I'm not doing too good at my one-painting-a-week thing at the moment, I know. It's not that I'm not trying; I just have too many chores to do at weekends, leaving little-to-no time to paint. But I'm definitely going to have to change that soon - I have my second tutorial at uni in a couple of weeks, so I need things to show my lecturers. Things that are actually relevant to my project ideas too. So time to start working on content and concept rather than technical skill, I think.