Last weeks painting practice was a bit of an overall fail, but some of the closer details came out OK. I know I'm only really doing these paintings as practice (seeing as acrylics are still a whole new world to me, really) but it's still pretty frustrating when things don't turn out how you picture them in your head. It's the reason I went down the photography route in the first place instead of illustration, and it's the barrier I need to break through over the next few months.

I’m not doing too good, nothing is quite looking how I want it to and I feel kind of crap about it all this week. Looking forward to my first tutorial at uni to try and get my ideas straight. Hopefully it will provide me with some motivation to carry on.

I'm starting another painting tonight which I'm going to persist with. I need to produce something I am not embarrassed about at the end. Hopefully I can get something up on here later this week.