My Sister's Wedding

My sister got married! A sentence I never thought I'd say. My family aren't exactly sticklers for tradition, Emma especially. But, through a combination of a soppy, romantic boyfriend and requiring married quarters when they move down to Culdrose, here they are.

There was a history theme to the day, stemming from Ash's position in the Royal Navy combined with Emma's obsession with 18th / 19th century military history. Emma wore this fabulous hand-crafted boned top made by her 'best (wo)man', who happens to be a fully fledged corsetière (check out her website here). Emma also made her skirt herself, which complemented the top perfectly. 

They married in their local register office in Peterborough, which, although small, was quite nice. Only 6 people aside from Ash & Emma were allowed in, which meant there were quite a lot of people sat in the 'waiting area' during the actual ceremony. My parents, Ash's parents and their two witnesses were the 6 guests present, while I was allowed to sit in to take photographs. Although the room was small and badly lit, I still managed to get some half decent pictures.

After the ceremony, we were directed to the front of the building to take photos in front of their 'decorative archway'. Considering this place was right bang smack in the middle of a (kinda grim) city, I was actually quite impressed with this little addition. Here are some of my favourite group shots.

After the ceremony we all went back to their house, where Ash proceeded to fire up their (brand new) barbecue and whip up some rather fabulous gin based cocktails. More people started to arrive throughout the afternoon and historical costumes were donned. My defining memories of the barbecue pre-party party are: the giant box of kinda iffy, strong cider; tots of rum; much excitment over bakewell tart; Roger stuffing roll-ups into my plastic cigarette holder. Because this was the boozey, chatty portion of the day, my camera did not feature quite as often. Here are a selection of the best photos I did manage to get.

After the barbecue we all moved on to their local pub, a 2 min walk down the road from the house. Obviously I'm not silly enough to bring my expensive camera to a boozey night down the pub, so the photos stopped when we left the house. We had booked out a large room and outside area for the evening and Ash insisted on DJing, resulting in a rather varied but perfectly apt playlist. It also happened to be the evening of the Perseid meteor shower, which made the whole thing even more surreal. Sitting outside in the dark, dressed as a 1920s flapper with g&t in hand, surrounded by family & friends, watching shooting stars whilst the B52s play in the background. I've had worse nights!