Chepstow Castle

I met up with my two best long-time pals on the late August bank holiday Monday, before one of them buggers off to live in Cambridgeshire. We had a wonder around Chepstow castle and went for lunch at the Lime Tree. It was a hot, sunny and clear day so the views from the castle were pretty good, although the wye was so brown that it didn't exactly make for postcard-worthy photos. I didn't take that many pictures; I'm still sulking about not being able to afford any decent lenses for this camera. (booooo)

And of course, some ridiculous, badly composed self-timer photos. You can just about see the castle in one of these!

To finish: the obligatory instagram selfie (courtesy of Dani). It's a shame we can't get together to have days like this more often; being an adult is so time consuming.

Until the next time.